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Jun 12 2017

PET Scan: Cancer #pet.connect, #pet/ct #molecular #imaging #scan,, #pet #scan:

# Cancer Cancer is a complex disease and occurs when cells in the body begin to grow chaotically. Normally, cells grow, divide, and produce more cells to keep the body healthy and functioning properly. Sometimes, however, the process goes astray; cells keep dividing when new cells are not needed. Some types of cells are more prone to abnormal growth than others. The mass of extra cells forms a growth or tumor, which can be benign or malignant. Benign tumors are not cancer. They often can be removed and, in most cases, they do not come back. Cells in benign tumors …

Jun 12 2017

Online School Blog: Top Three Cheapest Community Colleges in the United States #cheapest #online #college #per #credit #hour

# California Community Colleges The average yearly cost of resident tuition and fees for a California community college is $780. Many California community colleges have waiting lists for enrollment and they charge out of state students (even distance learning students) a hefty $207 per credit. Buf if you live in the great state of CA — California residents skate almost free at a mere $26 per unit enrollment fee. You can find a search engine for California community college online degrees and courses from California Virtual Campus . The network of California Community Colleges is the largest higher education system …

Jun 12 2017

University of Richmond #nursing #school #richmond #va

# New Spiders Checklist Get everything you need to prepare for your first semester at Richmond. See the list of required forms and browse programming for new students. The Strategic Plan A shared vision for the University that will inform our priorities in the years to come. Spider Pride The encyclopedia of bragging rights for Spiders everywhere. Read the stories that make us happy and proud to be Spiders. There’s Only One There’s only one spider mascot in higher education. And that is fitting, because there’s only one school like Richmond. Liberal Arts, Plus A liberal arts core integrated with …