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May 17 2018

9 Easy Ways to Bypass a Firewall or Internet Filter

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How to Bypass a Firewall or Internet Filter

First, try using a well known proxy site. If your school or work IT department is any good, then these will be blocked/filtered. But it’s easy to try to start.

  • If those proxies are blocked, just use a new proxy that firewalls don’t know about yet. You can get them by joining a mailing list. For example, if you join a list like Circumventer (link below), they will send you fresh proxies daily, that hopefully your IT department isn’t blocking yet.

Look online to find a proxy site. Do a search for “free online proxies”. This will provide you with a list of proxies to bypass filters, such as FrogTunnel or Vtunnel (requires JavaScript).

Find a proxy site that is not blocked by the filters.

Type the name of the site you want to access into the box. Most sites have a checkbox that says “block scripts”; it is better to uncheck this.

If none of these work, download and install Firefox and manually change the proxy settings. Go to Tools Options Connection Settings, and change the Proxy Settings to a proxy. Go to and search proxy lists.

  • If your school blocks a certain proxy, there is a way to access it. Get the URL via Google and then click on “cached.” This will enable you display the page and use the proxy. Keep in mind that adaptive firewalls will catch you and permanently block the site. Another way to get around a firewall is to put spaces between letters when searching for sites. Like this:

Method Five of Nine:
Use a VPN if Proxy sites don’t Work Edit

A VPN works as an encryption agent between your system and network and in this way it bypasses all firewall restrictions. You can download VPN software or setup a manual virtual private network on your own system by using details provided by the VPN provider. A free VPN is the best choice to unblock websites at school computers.

Hotspot Shield, SuperVPN and OpenVPN are some popular names from VPN providers. You can download free VPN software online to unblock games websites and firewall filters at your school.

Just install and click connect. Now you can access all blocked content at your school.

Keep a website you are supposed to be on open while doing this so you can switch at a moment’s notice.

Some schools employ a remote desktop administration system, allowing them to actually monitor your computer’s screen from the IT Office, as well as the option of controlling your computer remotely with their mouse and keyboard. If this is the case, they will see you visiting a proxy website, and you will be found out. However, if you are looking to do something like play a Flash game, then you can let the game be loaded, and then disconnect the Ethernet cable, so that the teacher cannot see what you are doing via a remote desktop.

Your school may use content filtering at the packet level. They might see what you’re doing even if you are going through a proxy. In order to circumvent this, try to find a proxy that you can use via SSL.

The school may block certain MIME types, for example, MP3 files. A proxy will not let you download these.

The school will still keep track of your history, so don’t go looking up things you shouldn’t.

If you wish to watch YouTube videos through a proxy, make sure the proxy you use supports YouTube or has the “FlowTube” plugin. Otherwise, it may not work.

If your school uses a word filter that blocks access by scanning sites for word content, use Picidae. A picidae server will deliver the whole site as a non-interactive screen shot.

If you are trying to access an educational site or one to help you with schoolwork, tell a teacher and if he/she considers it appropriate they could unblock it for you.

If you just type in “https” rather than “http” at the beginning of the address, you can go to some sites, as most blockers aren’t configured to block secure web pages. (Example: Note that not all websites support secure connections, and some filtering programs can filter secure websites.

Delete your browsing history when you are done.

You can browse to pages with these IP addresses to help circumvent some filters.

  • Myspace:
  • Facebook:
  • MiniClip:
  • Addicting Games:

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