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May 18 2018

A Minnesota Online High School – BlueSky Online School

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Eli Johnson – 16 grad

Eli Johnson knows the importance of not giving into senioritis and made the honor roll last semester. I love BlueSky because it gives me order, options, and complete freedom to live my life and make choices I otherwise never would have had the chance to make. Never have I felt trapped in school or overwhelmed like I do in a traditional school. In my opinion that s how it should be. – nominated by Jill Baldwin

Haley Wagner – grade 10

I am nominating Haley Wagner as a BlueSky Star based on her dedication to schoolwork, consistent communication, and ongoing hard work. She is in her second year with us and has proven time and again that she is a great fit for BlueSky. When Haley isn t doing schoolwork, she babysits and enjoys photography and arts and crafts. She is a model student and has shown tremendous growth both personally and academically. – nominated by Laura Welciek

Miriam Harvey – grade 7

Miriam Harvey is one of our middle school Stars. Articulate and reflective, conscientious and hardworking, Miriam joined us this year as a 7th grader after having been homeschooled. Miriam mastered online schooling quickly and aced her first quarter classes. She loves drawing and photography, especially when the subject is nature, and not too long ago she discovered that she has a passion for reading, especially young adult fantasy and sci-fi novels. – nominated by Karen Kraco

Emma Bolte – grade 11

Emma Bolte is one of my hardest working students. She always has a positive attitude when I talk to her and does a great job communicating with everyone. I love to talk to Emma about school and our mutual interest in camping! Emma has been so dedicated to her learning and reaching her goals. She shows up to every meeting on time, organized, and prepared with any questions. She continues to set new goals and work hard and demonstrates her self advocacy skills and independence! – nominated by April Scharnberg and Sara Keller

Lauren Kelley – grade 12

Lauren Kelley is nominated for her continued hard work and dedication in her second year at BlueSky. She is very communicative, stays on pace each week and says I love all classes really, as long as I m learning! Lauren loves to read and spend time with her dog and horses. As soon as she graduates in June she wants to study abroad in Romania. -nominated by Jane Craig

Mikinzie Schilling – grade 12

I am nominating Mikinzie Schilling because of her hard work and dedication so far this year. She is doing awesome in her classes and is staying right on pace. She is also a great singer and has even participated in competitions! When asked what she likes best about BlueSky, she said, I like that BlueSky is very supportive and encouraging to students. Mikinzie is a great student and it has been wonderful to work with her there last few years! – nominated by Brittney Bailey

Miyah Johnson – grade 10

Miyah Johnson is a new student with BlueSky this year. She has jumped right in and is doing a wonderful job overall. Miyah is always very positive and truly goes the extra mile with her school work. If she has a question, she doesn t hesitate to contact her teachers. She is a great student and is doing so well. I am proud of her and her accomplishments this school year! – nominated by April Scharnberg

Ben Hooghkirk – grade 12

Ben Hooghkirk is a new senior this year and demonstrates star qualities in his positive and regular communications with staff and his dedication to his classes. He also recently recommended BlueSky to a friend that has now enrolled! Ben says, BlueSky gives me the opportunity to start learning the responsibility I ll need to be a s successful college student and member of society. – nominated by Dawn Nicol

Eboni R – grade 9

Eboni R is a shining example of what a BlueSky Star student represents. As a new student, she has quickly learned how things work here, does exceptionally well in her classes and communicates regularly with staff. She signed up for the Peer to Peer program and won the Halloween costume contest earlier this month! Ebonie says I love being a student at BlueSky because the learning can be tailored to best fit your learning needs. – nominated by Dawn Nicol


BlueSky offers a uniquely supportive environment.

The key to BlueSky’s success is our unique approach to student support. BlueSky offers students a world-class online education backed by unsurpassed resources and individualized attention.

The School Designed For You.

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