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Nov 30 2017

Alcohol Treatment – What s Right For You? #alchol #treatment


Alcohol Treatment What s Right For You?

Alcohol Treatment Facilities’ Many Benefits

Rehabilitation in an alcohol treatment facility has a number of advantages. Recovering from an addiction to alcohol is incredibly tough, but within the context of a fully staffed treatment center, it can be slightly easier. Facilities with counselors on staff and peer support groups are vital to the recovering addict; they remind him that he is not alone in his struggle, and recovery is possible.

The most important feature of a treatment facility is its stable environment with a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. Most alcoholics cannot get well on their own, as they are too susceptible to relapse and need time away from their surroundings to learn new coping mechanisms. Alcohol treatment facilities offer patients a daily routine to steer their thoughts towards something productive. With the help of professional counselors, daily learning, and the after care programs offered by treatment facilities, the chances of full recovery increase dramatically.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Facilities

Seeking inpatient treatment for alcoholism means that the patient must actually live at the facility during the program. Individuals sleep and eat at the facility. They may even be limited to what areas within the facility they may access and might have to earn the privilege to visit certain common areas or step outside the facility.

One goal of an inpatient program is to isolate the patient from outside influences that tempt him to drink, which may be spurred by particular environments or other people. Inpatient treatment helps individuals who are so addicted to alcohol they don t eat regularly and often forget to take medications. In some cases, treatment cannot start until the individual’s physical health has improved. An inpatient treatment program gives the physically debilitated a chance to recover without the temptation of alcohol.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Facilities

An outpatient alcohol treatment program offers additional support to weekly counseling. Treatment for alcoholism includes more than one session a week and in many cases, multiple sessions daily. The 12 step program is usually a part of an outpatient program, and sober living support groups are sometimes offered as well.

Outpatient programs provide more freedom to patients and allow them to maintain family commitments, education, and work. Patients can go home after meetings, which allows for more privacy since there s no need to explain an extended stay in an inpatient program. However, patients don t gain the benefit of a stable and isolating environment, so the triggers of alcohol abuse are never far.

The benefits of outpatient care include official support groups, family counseling, individual counseling, increased privacy, and the opportunity to use coping mechanisms in everyday life. Support groups of non-using sponsors and peers help provide positive reinforcement, but the individual must display a higher level of self-discipline and the ability to voluntarily abstain from drinking.

Which Alcohol Treatment Facilities Might Work for You?

Your counseling professional can help you make the right decision between the many inpatient and outpatient programs. Be honest about how independent you are and whether you can handle recovery without 24/7 monitoring. If you don t feel you can resist the temptation of drink, an inpatient facility might be a safer bet. Before entering either program, speak with a specialist who can further assess your personal circumstances and the risks inherent in each program.

If you know it s time to take control of your addiction, contact us today, and we will provide more free information about alcohol treatment facilities.

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