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Mar 20 2018

Axletrac Alignment Tools LLC

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The patented axletrac alignment tool, known as an axle end extender, is designed to assist in the axle alignment process of both semi trailers and large heavy duty trucks. The axletrac tools are used to precisely relocate the axle ends to a position beyond the outside edge of the tires. This allows the user to take accurate measurements without removing the outer tires. On semi trailers the measurements originate from the king pin.

Because the sight line from the kingpin to the axle end extenders may be obstructed by fuel tanks, tool boxes, landing gear, trailer frames, etc. A king pin extender/pogo stick is used to transfer the kingpin to a position closer to the floor below any obstructions. A 50′ steel tape measure, preferrable with 1/16″ graduations is used to measure from the kingpin extension tool. Using a tape tensioning device “tension meter” will assure that the technician applies equal pull pressure on the measuring tape to achieve the most accurate semi trailer axle alignment possible.


SPEED.The Axletrac tool consist of 4 extension tubes, 2 for each side of the axle being aligned and 2 span bars, 1 for each side of the axle being aligned. Because this heavy duty truck and semi trailer alignment system simply screws onto the wheel studs of the hub, there is never a need to remove hubcaps, tire inflation systems or hubodometers when checking alignments. Time saved equates to dollars earned. $$$. 

ACCURACY. The Axletrac Alignment Tool has been field tested extensively and found to be well within all suspension O.E.M. semi-trailer alignment procedure guidelines. The tool has been vigorously field tested for several years. Although some design improvements have been made, the accuracy of the tool has never been in question. Remember, it is crucial to follow recommended procedures, from staging to torquing, during the entire axle alignment process to achieve an accurate alignment. 

DURABILITY. All shop managers know the importance of owning quality durable tools. The Axletrac tractor trailer alignment tools, although precision manufactured, are kept simple in design, and are made from heavy wall steel tubing and solid steel pins. We like to think of them as gorilla proof.

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