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Aug 31 2017

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Why Get a Masters in Public Administration Degree

The purpose of this page about the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree is to provide detailed information about this graduate program for students and professionals. The field of public administration is rewarding both financially and spiritually, as you have the opportunity to work on important public policies that can improve lives. There also is good demand for experienced MPA professionals: According to the 2013 Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey. almost 45% of nonprofits in the US added jobs in 2014.

For most graduates, earning the master of public administration degree will prepare you to take on leadership positions in many types of government agencies and nonprofit organizations. For example, MPA graduates hold positions as city managers, county executives, directors and administrators of nonprofit organizations, and policy experts.

Many high-ranking government officials and even U.S. Cabinet members have MPA degrees.

Although the MPA degree focuses on management in the political arena, some MPA graduates work for corporations or nonprofit organizations, especially those that consult for government agencies or deal with government agencies for licensing, funding, or regulatory issues.

This page also will provide data about why earning your MPA can benefit your future. Did you know that alumni from some of the top MPA programs often obtain important jobs at the Red Cross, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative and other highffeat profile organizations?

You also will learn more about what exactly you will learn in an MPA program: Be prepared to learn how to make budgets, do statistical analyses, policy analyses and program evaluations. Further, you will learn how to both lead and manage public organizations.

Skills that will be essential for completing your MPA and working successfully in this field include:

  • Analytical skills that include mastery of qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Critical thinking so that you can examine and process important information, drawing logical conclusions from findings.
  • Strong writing skills are important so that you can write papers and reports on important public policy findings, which then may be used to influence stakeholders.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information about MPA careers and programs; we are glad to help you.

MPA Degree Overview

A Master in Public Administration degree is often compared to an MBA, the difference being that the MPA is designed specifically for professionals who want to work exclusively in the public or nonprofit sector. An MPA degree will teach you, like the MBA, the leadership skills that are needed to run an organization. The difference is that the MPA degree is centered on a career in public service.

A graduate degree in public administration will give you the vital skills needed to implement progressive public policy, manage government programs, and drive necessary changes in society and communities.

As an MPA student, you will learn about the necessary core proficiencies that the best public service leaders need to succeed. Some of these proficiencies include:

  • Organizational management
  • Public and nonprofit finance
  • Human resources
  • Public law
  • Strategic communications
  • Program and policy evaluation

Featured Online MPA Degrees

The following universities offer a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) online without the GRE requirement:

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