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Aug 17 2017

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About Blue Ribbon Home Warranty

Company Information

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty, Inc. has been the only locally owned and operated home warranty company in the state of Colorado since its founding in 1985. We only cover properties within the State of Colorado. We were the first in the world to cover roof leaks as well as the only home warranty company to offer a complimentary pre-inspection for property sellers and homeowners who are not selling. We take pride in our knowledge and most of all our customer service .

Blue Ribbon coverage provides fourteen months of protection for the price of 12 – that’s two months free! We have four warranty plans and three upgrade plans to choose from. We also offer two years of protection at a discounted price. For newly constructed properties, four or ten years of warranty coverage protection are available.

We have continued to be a leader and innovator in the industry, quality customer service, and a knowledgeable staff to serve you. We set high standards and our warranty plans are the best defense against costly service repairs and/or replacement of your mechanical systems and appliances. After you enroll, we’ll be there when you need us. Our warranty plan holders are really buying a promise from us – that we’ll be here to send a service contractor out as soon as possible, pay the bill for covered repairs and/or replacements, and to ensure the highest quality of service is always achieved.

Blue Ribbon focuses on what really matters in the long term, affordable coverage, customer service, integrity and knowledge of home systems and appliances. Our coverage is offered for new and existing properties regardless of the age of the home, systems or appliances, and is transferable to the new owners if your sell your property.

Real Estate Professionals: Realtors, Brokers or Agents, a warranty plan from Blue Ribbon is a value-added buying and selling tool that can increase the value of the appraisal. Sellers and Buyers will have the security of knowing the home’s mechanical systems, appliances, etc. are protected from normal wear and tear, regardless of their age. The property sellers also have the option to have our pre-inspection done before their home goes on the market for sale.

Homeowners not selling and Rental Properties and/or Property Managers: A inspection identifies any pre-existing conditions and allows you to have the items repaired in order to include it in the home warranty coverage. Identify problematic areas before a large repair or replacement is necessary! Included in the warranty coverage is an inspection before the warranty plan coverage goes into effect. A non-refundable deposit fee of $75 is required and is credited to the warranty plans total cost when purchasing.

*Please read the sample contract that applies to your situation or call us for specific coverage, exclusions, limitations and terms. Coverage is for your home’s mechanical systems and appliances that are in good working order at the start of the contract period (i.e. pre-existing conditions are not covered). There is a nominal contractor trade service fee for a service technician and/or additional charges may apply for certain repairs and/or replacements if not covered under the warranty service agreement contract – Blue Ribbon PDF Application Forms, Brochures and our Sample Contract or you can Order Online .

Home Warranty Plans

Protecting your Home’s Mechanical Systems, Appliances, Plumbing, Electrical, Garage Door Opener, Gas Fireplace, Etc.

Single Family Homes, Condominiums, Town Houses, Duplexes, Triplexes, Fourplexes, Multi-Family Units, Investment Properties, Manufactured Home and Mobile Homes (manufactured after 1967).

Protecting all types of Properties in. The State of Colorado only!

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty is here to save you both time and money. It happens every day, the washing machine breaks, the kitchen disposal is broken, or the air conditioner goes out. Homeowners can spend thousands of dollars every year repairing or replacing the systems and appliances that fail. Nothing is built to last forever and nothing does! When you have the protection of Blue Ribbon Home Warranty, the time and money you save will pay for our valuable protection year after year. We save Colorado homeowners thousands of dollars, and hours and hours of time every single day. Isn’t it worth a few hundred dollars to know that when you experience a system or appliance breakdown, Blue Ribbon Home Warranty will be there with expert staff, expert technicians and superior product repair/replacement? With repair costs rising and time becoming more and more precious, trying to find the best solution for repairing an item in your home can be a daunting task. That is why “Blue Ribbon has you covered”.

Whether you are retired, a first time or experienced home buyer, property seller, investor, property manager or an existing homeowner, our home warranty protection plans are a very affordable way to preserve your peace of mind and protect your most valuable asset. It is the type of investment that pays for itself … there is simply no substitute!


PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE CHECK CLEANING – (PMC) (included in Platinum Plan) Can be Added to Silver, Gold New Construction Plan Coverage (Buyer Homeowner only)!

Note: Preventative check and cleaning can be performed one time per item during each term of the plan on the following items (a service fee of $55 per item will be charged):

  • Primary Laundry Appliances
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Primary Water Heater
  • Primary Heating and Cooling System


SUPPLEMENTAL HEATING COVERAGE – (SHC). Additional coverage for boilers: circulating pumps and fill valves. Tank-less water heaters: all mechanical components.

Code upgrades associated with necessary heating system replacement. Maximum limit: $1400 per contract.

Additional Items Coverage

For Adding Duplicate Items and/or Additional Systems.

Note: Please call for pricing on 2 year coverage, new construction, duplex, triplex, fourplex properties and multiple family units or if they share common equipment and/or to double maximum coverage on kitchen and laundry appliances.

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