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Jun 21 2018

Fast Track Degree Programs

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Fast-Track Degree Programs

Accelerate Your Education with Fast-Track Degree Programs

Your education is an investment of both money and time. At Acsenda, we offer fast-track degree programs so you can complete your training and prepare to enter the work force ahead of schedule.

With the fast-track option, it’s possible to complete your Bachelor of Business Administration in as little as 2.5 years. With accelerated learning, you can earn your degree and enter the workforce quicker than a traditional degree program.

Acsenda also gives Canadian and international students the ability to transfer credits from their previous undergraduate courses at recognized institutions. An advisor will work with you to determine if your previous education is transferable and how it may reduce the time it takes you to earn your degree.

Business Administration Degree (BAA)

Our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree prepares you for a career in the global business industry. Our BBA program offers students a choice of area concentration including Marketing Management, Accounting, International Business Management, Human Resources Management and General Management.

Upon completion of your BBA program, you’ll also have the opportunity to specialize even more with our Post Graduate Programs, which offer concentrations in General Management, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources and International Business Management.

Why Choose Acsenda?

At Acsenda, we offer small class sizes and a personal learning experience. Our instructors are experienced not only as teachers, but also as leaders within their field. They provide professional instruction and personal attention to students, contributing to a higher success and completion rate.

With our small class sizes, students are able to collaborate with their instructors and classmates. Many of our students come from around the world, creating a diverse student body and learning environment. Through collaboration with peers from different backgrounds, students get first-hand experience of working in the international business climate.

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