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Dec 7 2017

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Health Information Administrator

For anyone who is detail oriented and can plan and organize efficiently, a career in health information administration might be a perfect choice. A health information administrator, sometimes called a health information manager, is a professionally trained person who is responsible for the upkeep of patients’ medical records in a hospital or other health care facility. They design and manage health information systems to insure they meet medical, legal, and ethical standards. Seeing that each patient’s medical record is complete, kept confidential, and safeguarded from individuals not involved with the medical care of the patient are paramount concerns. The duties and responsibilities of a health information administrator are largely dependent on the size and type of health facility they work in. They usually have a number of personnel that work under them and are responsible for training and directing them. Accurate records are necessary for research, insurance claims, legal actions, evaluation of treatment and medications prescribed, and for instruction of various medical personnel. Health information administrators also help in assisting the medical staff in evaluating the quality of health care that patients receive in a particular health facility.

The preparation, preservation, and accuracy of medical record are not only important to the daily functioning of a hospital, but also for hospital accreditation procedures. All of this translates into the vital role that health information administrators play in the overall quality of patient care.

Work Environment:

Health information administrators work in hospitals, home health agencies, insurance agencies, consulting firms, government agencies, outpatient clinics, health care computing industries, long-term care facilities, and private industries.

High School Preparation:

Individuals interested in a career as a health information administrator should take courses in algebra, biology, chemistry, computer skills, data processing, psychology, English, government, history, literature, foreign language, anatomy, sociology, and health occupations/medical professions.

Students interested in health information administration must complete a baccalaureate degree program from an accredited institution, which is generally 4 years in length. Graduates are then eligible to take the national registration examination offered by the American Health Information Management Association. Once the exam is successfully passed, an individual then becomes a registered health information administrator (RHIA).

Students interested in health information administration should contact schools for information on admission and course of study

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In the years to come hospitals will continue to be the highest employer of health information professionals. There is expected to be over a 25% increase in the number of health information administrators through the year 2010. This is mainly due to the need for detailed and highly organized medical records that will be increasingly scrutinized by third party payers, courts, and consumers. Many other health care facilities such as health maintenance organizations nursing homes, and home health agencies will also be utilizing health information personnel because of the need to keep accurate and secure medical records.

Average Annual Salary

Salary Range

American Health Information
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Medical Records Institute
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Mississippi Health Information Management Association

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