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Jan 31 2018

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Enroll Your Student Today For Our Fall Comprehensive Driver Education Program

I would like to thank you for the excellent driver training that you have provided for my son, Alex. I believe the skill that you have taught him will last a lifetime.

Alex took your course shortly before his 16th birthday. He already had months of permit driving under his belt and felt that he would be able to pass the License Test without incident. However, after the 1st session at Drive 4 Life Academy he realized just how much he did not know about driving and Tennessee Motor Vehicle Laws.

His enthusiasm throughout the weeks of your course did not wane. I was very pleased to hear him repeat rules of the road, he learned from you, while he drove. After each class he would share the new things he learned by correcting some of my driving habits. I am thrilled we now have a driving school in Knoxville where young drivers can go and learn without being bored or intimidated.

His confidence level has been raised with the knowledge that you have provided him. I imagine he will remember your course throughout his driving life and will maintain the high standards you set for him.

Once again, thank you for your commitment to teaching young drivers in Knoxville.

J. Neil

I used to be a teach yourself kind of guy but through experience have found great benefit in professional training, be that one hour, one lesson, or many hours and lessons. There is usually one key take-away from every class I ve attended. In motorcycle rider education it was the position of my wrist on the throttle. In your class, it was how to adjust the mirrors to eliminate the blind-spot. I ve passed that one on to many of my friends and they too are amazed. I feel much more confident that my son has the tools to be a safe driver as a result of your training program and would highly recommend it to new and experienced drivers as well.

Hi Mr. Greg, Mr. Tom, and Ms. Jodie,

Thank you for such a wonderful experience through your Drive 4 Life program. Thanks to you I can confidently say that I am a good driver. I plan to take all I have learned with me for the rest of my life.

N. Knight

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