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Oct 26 2017

HOW TO: Configure basic networking on a VMware vSphere Hypervisor 5, esxi backup vm.#Esxi #backup #vm


esxi backup vm

Esxi backup vm

1. Viewing the physical adaptors in the Host Server.

Esxi backup vm

This section shows the number of installed network interfaces in the host server, they are labelled vmnic(x), where x represents a number. This section shows the vendor information for the network interface, speed and duplex settings, MAC Address, current vSwitch, and Observed IP Range – this last value is the IP Address range which has been detected on the network interface, this depends on the amount of traffic present on this network which this physical network interface is connected to.

Esxi backup vm

2. Select Networking in the Host Server

select the Configuration Tab, followed by Networking.

3. Add a network interface (vmnic1) to vSwitch0

Select Properties of the vSwitch0

Esxi backup vm

Esxi backup vm

4. Creating a new vSwitch

Select Configuration, Networking followed by Add Networking (far right)

Esxi backup vm

Select Virtual Machine, as we want to create a new vSwitch, for Virtual Machine networking, followed by next.

5. Assigning a Virtual Machine Portgroup to a Virtual Machine

Right Click the virtual machine, and select Edit Settings

Esxi backup vm

Select Network adapter 1 in the virtual machine, and change the Network Connection, to Production LAN, followed by OK.

Esxi backup vm

Checking Networking, will show the change, and the virtual machine is using a different vSwitch, vSwitch1.

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