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Jun 13 2017

How to send Free Text Messages to Rogers, Fido, Telus, Bell – Virgin Canada Cell Phones #refurb #cell #phones #for #sale


How to send Free Text Messages to Rogers, Fido, Telus, Bell Virgin Canada Cell Phones

There are 2 ways of sending your friends free SMS Text Messages to their cell phones. Note that some providers charge the receiver while others don t. I know that if you use Rogers website to send the text message no one gets charged. i.e. it s 100% free.

I was going to blog this as part of my Christmas countdown since it would be nice to be able to send all your friends a free text message wishing them a Merry Christmas but I figured it s too generic and not just limited to that occasion.

Method 1: From the wireless carrier s website

Each wireless company has a website from which you can send free Text Messages:

  • Free text messages to Rogers Wireless cell phones
  • Free text messages to FIDO cell phones
  • Free text messages to Telus cell phones
  • Free text messages to BELL Mobility cell phones

Method 2: By email. Yes email!

You need to replace the [10-digit phone number] with your friend s number. For example . If your friend s number was 613-123-4567 and their carrier was Rogers, you d send an email to [email protected]

faridoon jafari says:

hi, i have cell no.416 540 4605 and 647 878 4170.
i had asked for a new came i didn t like
it,so retuned.but you put a number on a handset that
i had returned and every month you are sending me bill
for the phone that i don t have.i have talked to your
agents 3,4 times. they have credited my account but
statements keep comming.isn t any one over there to
be able to solve this problem. thanks

I have an LG phone from telus and I have just started using this free internet text messaging program like maybe 10 minutes ago. I ve sent a few text messages to my friend and it works, because she sent one back onto my email, where I wanted it to go to. (I pressed for her to send it to my email, not cell) I am just wondering, is it free to read text messages on my email? My friend sent it on my email, not my cell phone so it should be free right? If its not, I m screwed from my mom

you aren t charged on your email your friend who sent it to your email might be

At least in the case of the service provider Rogers, yes there is a monthly service charge to use the website to phone texting service. I am aware that you can send text messages though Microsoft s msn messenger service. Does the person recieving the message via msn messenger have to sign up for any service or is the text sent straight to thier phone?

Just another note, make sure if you send from email that you do not have a long signature because then it may be too many characters for one message. Sending from work may have an automated signature and then a blurb on confidentiality etc

Message receiving is still free for Virgin Mobile users.
Messages via email cost nothing to send or receive.
$0.05/message for sending a message to another virgin mobile customer from your cell.
$0.15/message for sending message to any other number in Canada/US.

Still some of the nicest rates for PAYG type plan.

And a whole $100, lasts me a whole year.

Thnx for the info on the other providers however.

It s too bad you NEED to know thier provider however. Would have been nice to just have a portal which you can send a message to any cell in Canada/US via email without caring/knowing who the provider is.

I need help with my new Rogers texting and email, using a Samsung SGH-A256

Leaving on a holiday tomorrow and Rogers is down for pay as you go for the weekend.

I recieved a txt message from my Yahoo account OK, [email protected]. just like I used to on Bell.
BUT I can only see you have recieved a message and cannot READ it, it says to push the READ to see it. I have not figured out how to do it yet.
Can you help me please?

Hi Dave, you have to reply to the message with the word READ . So when the message comes up that says You have mail from ______. Please reply with Read to read your message , you have to hit reply, then type the word Read and hit send. Then the actual message that was sent to you will come through. This is what Rogers calls their Spam Filter which is bull crap but whatever. You can bypass this by paying Roger $5/month to add an Text-to-Email feature and this will just send you the message direct without having to type READ.

I just tested it with my Fido à la carte service.

You have received new email but you are not subscribed to the email service. Answer yes to subscribe and read your email.

I do not want any surcharge and I don t know if this service is free or not so I just ditched the incoming Fido message.

It depends on the recipients plan whether or not it costs money. If the recipient pays money for incoming texts, it costs money, just like normal texting. If they don t pay for incoming, it is free for them as well.

Unbelievable On Bell s site, you can specify a phone number where your message is from, so that people can reply. When you do so, that number is charged 15 cents.

Nice going nickel-and-diming Bell

I used to send one way text msg to my brothers cell at Rogers. Today discovered you cannot do that anymore. Seems it s two way texting and you have to have a Rogers Cell account to use it sign in using your 10 digit cell phone number and password. If I am wrong please post info I will try using email to txt but come on Rogers, that means anyone without a Rogers cell can t txt people via the internet.

Yup Neeko, I know that sucks. I used to be able to email my husband from the computer at home.

You do not need to use your 10 digit cell phone number to sign up on the Rogers website. I used my email address because I didnt want a new charge on my cell bill. So anyone, including non-Rogers clients, can sign up on their website and send texts from online.

Well guys I m in Mex City and I txt my GF in Canada and she doesn t get charged for incoming txt, she has Bellmobility .
What you need to have in order for you not to get charge for the incoming txt is -unlt mobile browser or data plan and unlt txt or txt package .
Cuz the txt thru mail is internet therefore you will be charge if you dong have internet plan .
Believe I used to work at the corporate office

All phone company there scamers specailly fido and Rogers

Thanks in advance.


IS THERE ANY2WAY SMS FREE WEBPAGE and software for 2way sms that is fre to get and free to use in canada i have a telus but my home do not have any phones sms 2way would be good for baby and house siters to get a hold of me for free help i have bin look for a long time it need to work over netwok not modoms


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