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Sep 7 2018

Law Enforcement Houston, TX

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Law Enforcement in Houston, TX

Are you looking to start a new career in law enforcement in Houston? The Harris County Sheriff’s Office, founded in 1837, is the largest sheriff’s office in Texas and the third largest in the United States.

With more than 4,000 employees committed to the safety of the nearly 4 million residents who call this county home, the Harris County Sheriff s Office is an exciting place to call work and could be your next law enforcement career employer.

Positions Open For Deputy Sheriff

The recruiting department at the Harris County Sheriff s Office in Houston is searching for qualified candidates to fill a range of open law enforcement positions, including:

Entry and lateral deputies:

If you plan to have a career in the law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff in Houston, we have positions open to fill. With the job of a Deputy Sheriff, you take on the responsibility to ensure safety of residents and curb criminal activities in your county among other duties. For more information about the application process, contact us directly. If you think you are a qualified candidate, you can apply for our available positions.

A deputy sheriff works in divisions ranging from patrol and criminal investigations, to homeland security, criminal and civil courtrooms. Deputy Sheriffs are responsible for reporting to and receiving assignments, instructions and directions from sergeants, lieutenants and captains from the police office.

Duties of the deputy sheriff range from removing dangerous individuals from the community, investigating traffic accidents, responding to and investigating reports of criminal activities and various community service projects.

Maintaining proper logs, records and reports from accidents, and other events are other duties expected of the deputy sheriff. Though the Deputy Sheriff holds a plethora of responsibilities and is relied on by the Houston community, it is an extremely self fulfilling position to take on. With the help of the rest of our law enforcement team, you will be helping Houston residents feel safe and stay safe on an everyday basis!

If you think you have what it takes to become a sheriff with the Harris County police station in Houston, apply today!

Join our police office team today!

Have you always wanted to be a police officer or work in a police office? Now is your chance! Positions at the police office are now available. From deputy sheriff positions, clerical positions and more, start a rewarding career today at Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Becoming a police officer is a great opportunity. Having a career in law enforcement is very fulfilling and has room for growth. By working for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, you can have an exciting and rewarding career in law enforcement.

Clerks: A clerk performs general clerical duties at the police office, such as answering telephones and taking messages, and is responsible for entering confidential information, filing letters, documents and other material as directed, photocopying and faxing.

Detention Officers:
A vital part of the Harris County Sheriff s Office, a detention office is charged with the care, custody and control of the thousands of inmates at the Harris County Jail.

Other law enforcement duties include monitoring and documenting jail inmate activities, and controlling and directing inmates while out of jail cell areas.

Minimal requirements to be considered for any position with the Harris County Sheriff s Office include a high school diploma or G.E.D. no trace of illegal drug use, a passing score on a polygraph examination and an acceptable interview, among other requirements.

At our police office, we have many positions available. Having a career in law enforcement can be exciting as well as rewarding. If you have an interest in working for a local police office such as Harris County Sheriff’s Office, get in touch with us directly.

Pre-Screening- After you apply for a law enforcement position in Houston, you will be sent an e-mail which will contain a link to complete the Pre-Employment phase.

Pre-Employment-Once you fill out an application and receive a link for pre-employment, you can move on to the thirty minute questionnaire to determine if you meet Harris County Sheriff’s Office requirements. Then, by email, you will receive a test date or notification that you do not met the requirements.

Job Testing- This is a written test based on the law enforcement job in which you are seeking.

Polygraph Phase-This part of the application process involves taking a polygraph questionnaire followed by the actual polygraph exam.

Background Investigation- After you take your polygraph exam, your file will be transferred to the supervisor of the department in which you are seeking employment. This will consist of a personal interview, completing paperwork and getting fingerprinted.

Review Process- You file will then be submitted to a review board to determine if you meet the qualifications needed in order to be a part of the law enforcement team. You will receive an email explaining the board s decision.

Medical Exam- If you should move on, the next step is the medical examination and psychological test.

Job Offer- Once both of those tests are passed, you will move on and be offered a job with the Harris County Sheriff s Office.

You can also apply for a position in person by going to 1200 Baker St. in Houston.

We also recruit candidates for Law Enforcement, Deputy Sheriff and Police Office.

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Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston. TX is looking for qualified individuals to join their law enforcement team. Jobs such as Deputy Sheriff, Police Officer, Entry Deputies, Lateral Deputies, Police Office Clerks, Detention Officers and more are offered. If you think you have what it takes to work with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. fill out an application and get started on your dreams. Call or visit our website for more information.

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