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Sep 30 2017

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ModelSmart TM

ModelSmart is a new software program designed to introduce middle. high school and college students to basic engineering concepts while reinforcing their math and science skills. Written by a professional engineer, ModelSmart allows students to interactively design and test balsa and bass wood structural models of bridges. cranes, towers. and all kinds of structural systems on the computer.

Student’s explore more structures with less material waste and more fun.

Program Features:

  • Design and test model towers or bridges.
  • Build a truss or a frame ( fixed – glued joints).
  • Not restricted to pinned connected trusses.
  • Model a suspension bridge.
  • Select balsa or bass wood members.
  • Use the PESC material grading system to strength classify your wood before use.
  • Determine maximum load.
  • Place multiple loads horizontally or vertically.
  • Multiple support types.
  • English or metric units.
  • Load pictures of real bridges and towers.
  • Import your own custom background or visual rules.
  • Export to JPG files for Internet publishing.
  • 60 page manual. Step by step easy to follow example.
  • And more.

Bend it! – Break it!

Microsoft � ; Windows10, Windows8, Windows7, WindowsXP, Windows � 2000, NT, XP, Vista, Me, or 98

Order the student (home use) version of ModelSmart for only $39.95

Shipping Charge: $9.50

($29.95 + $0.00 Shipping if you select to download)

Phone. (225) 769-3728

An Underslung Arch

Experiment with a crane.

Load the top chord of the truss.

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