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Aug 31 2018

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High Paying Jobs in the

Oil and Gas Industry

The Oilfield Workers Registry is a free service for the oil industry, allowing those interested in gas and oil jobs to submit their resum s to a unique database of oil patch workers for thousands of oil and gas employers to view at any time.

Our online resum database is specifically tailored to the oil industry, to allow oilfield employers to search for personnel based on specific criteria such as location or qualifications, and to allow job seekers to provide oilfield relevant information to employers in a searchable format.

Job Seekers, sign up now and get your resum posted right away. You’ll have a link to your resum that you can provide to prospective employers, where they can always view your most current resum .

Start your job search now! The oil field offers some of the highest paying, most challenging jobs in the world. Every year, hundreds of people start their oil patch careers with no experience or qualifications at all. Start as a helper, and within as little as a few months you could be running your own crew if you work hard. Learn as you go, and get paid well to do it.

How many other jobs pay $150 a day or more for an entry level position with no experience required?

How many high paying jobs allow you to travel the world and work outdoors?

Start your career in the gas and oil industry and work at a job that you actually like!

If working outdoors and living in hotels and camps doesn’t appeal to you, there’s still a job for you in the oil industry. There are many industry segments the oil industry that aren’t directly involved in the gathering, transmission, or processing of petroleum products. Most companies also employ people in core office positions.

Want to spice up your job? Employing cooks, medics, drillers, drivers, accountants, and everyone in between; the diversity of jobs offered by the oil industry is unequalled in the business world. Regardless of where your experience lies, the oil industry can offer you a challenging and rewarding upgrade to your career.

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