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Aug 31 2018

Operation lookalike: The bizarre world of the Jackson family nose

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Operation lookalike: The bizarre world of the Jackson family nose

Last updated at 00:31 03 March 2008

New noses run in the Jackson family.

Michael’s ever-changing hooter has made headlines all of its own for years.

Now photos of his older sister LaToya show that she too appears to have gone in for a spot of nasal reconstruction.

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As they were: Janet and LaToya Jackson in the early 80s

And today: Janet and LaToya’s noses are almost identical

Pictured in Beverly Hills, she had the same shaped nose as Michael. And like him, her skin seemed to be somewhat paler than when she first found fame.

While other features were hidden by a straw hat and sunglasses, previous photos have shown her to have taut skin, a smoother forehead and more pointed eyebrows.

Onlookers who saw 51-year-old LaToya at the weekend were astonished how much she looked like her 48-year-old brother, who is believed to have had up to 30 operations on his nose.

Both of them also have a strong similarity to their sister Janet, 47, that seems to go far beyond a mere family resemblance – although Janet has always denied going under the surgeon’s knife.

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Frightening: Michael Jackson in 1972, and right, how he looks today. His nose is very similar looking to the ones his sisters have

There are rumours that Michael and LaToya share the same plastic surgeon, but LaToya has never publicly admitted having anything done.

Previously she has spoken out against plastic surgery, criticising Michael’s obsession with changing his appearance.

At one point his nose seemed to be on the verge of collapsing because it had been altered so much but it has since been rebuilt.

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