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Sep 24 2017

STARS GPS Tracking, Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions, realtime gps.#Realtime #gps


STARS GPS Tracking

Realtime gps Realtime gps Realtime gps

Get the best value in GPS vehicle tracking bundled with our

$10K* Big Bucks Vehicle Recovery Warranty!

STARS GPS is providing a powerful new comprehensive Risk Mitigation solution that allows BHPH dealers and vehicle finance companies to extend more car loans to more subprime consumers without the risk. And it s the first of its kind. When you partner with STARS GPS, you ll get:

Realtime gps

  • The latest GPS technology
  • Real-time tracking instant locate information
  • Rolling list of top stop locations
  • Smart impound geofences
  • Simple device e-transfers
  • Hosted on a private, secured cloud
  • Service terms start upon installation
  • Includes the industry s first Big Bucks Vehicle Recovery Guarantee!

STARS GPS vehicle-tracking solution not only provides you with the best technology utilizing the most reliable wireless network in the country, it also includes a guaranteed recovery assurance warranty for every vehicle you install a STARS GPS device on. And, there’s no additional costs. It’s part of our promise to provide you with full collection of risk mitigation tools to help you reduce the time and costs associated with collections, reduce delinquencies, fund more customers with smaller down payments, and to help repair or establish credit.

Now that’s a promise you can take to the bank!

Helping To Make The American Dream Possible

Our goal is to partner with BHPH Dealers and Vehicle Finance Companies to make it possible for more high risk customers get into more cars so they can repair their credit and achieve the American Dream.

Our advanced GPS tracking technology, vehicle recovery warranty and passionate team of experts are dedicated to providing you the best risk mitigation tools you need to make it happen.

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