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Aug 5 2017

The Average Salary of Cyber Security #cyber #security #career #salary


The Average Salary of Cyber Security

Those who work in cyber security help protect computers and systems.

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With the growing frequency of cyber attacks, the demand for information security analysts has never been higher. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipates an employment growth of 22 percent from 2010 to 2020 for IT professionals involved in cyber security or the measures used to protect computers and computer systems. But it takes a number of people to anticipate and design these technologies, and each position plays an important role in cyber security, earning a different salary range based on experience and skill.

Data Security Analysts

Data security analysts are responsible for identifying and resolving any security violations to an organization s computer systems. They earn an average of $89,000 to $121,500 per year, according to Robert Half Technology, a national provider of IT professionals. But this range accounts for all data security analysts, regardless of experience. Modis, a global provider of IT staffing services, reports that entry-level analysts earn an average of $70,500 per year. At the senior level, a data security analyst earns $86,600 yearly. Those in supervisory roles earn $93,300 per year, while those in management can earn an average of $110,100 per year.

Security Administrators

In the cyber security industry, security administrators are troubleshooters. They analyze and solve problems with an organization s network or systems security, making necessary changes protect data. Modis reports security administrators earn, with base pay and cash incentives, $49,400 per year on the low end and $114, 500 per year on the high end. But Robert Half Technology breaks the salaries out into systems security and network security. As of 2012, a systems security administrator can earn $85,250 to $117,750 per year, while network security administrators earn an average of $85,000 to $116,750 per year.

IS Security Managers

Information systems security managers, or IS security managers, develop systems and software to protect and recover lost or stolen data. Robert Half Technology estimates their salaries at $103,500 to $143,500 per year, whereas Modis projects annual earnings, which includes base pay and incentives, at $78,200 on the low end and $142,000 on the high end per year.

Systems/Application Security Analysts

Systems/application security analysts work with the information systems the IS security managers develop, making adjustments to the applications as needs arise. These professionals earn an average of $85,800 per year for their base, according to Modis. With cash incentives, the earnings increase to $89,200 per year.

Network Security Engineers

Network security engineers develop and maintain the security of network systems, solving problems and making improvements on a need basis. These professionals earn an average of $89,500 to $116,750 annually, according to Robert Half Technology.


As with any job, certain skills are highly desirable in the marketplace, increasing salaries by as much as 9 percent per year. Cisco network administration skills, for example, increase base salaries by 9 percent. Linux administration skills also improve earning potential, increasing salaries by 8 percent a year. The same can be said for Check Point Firewall administration skills, which can provide security analysts, administrators and engineers an additional 7 percent per year.

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