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Oct 10 2017

Trademark – Patent Lawyers Melbourne – Sydney #ip #calling



How We Work Together

What We Do

Fixed Fees And Unlimited Access

Our pricing model means you control your legal spend. Unlimited access means you reduce your legal spend

Traditional time-based billing law firms charge for every 6 minutes they spend working with you. If there are two lawyers at your meeting, you will pay for both their hourly rates. We don t think its a fair way of working with you. Instead we use Fixed Fees only. At the outset we speak with you to understand your business and the project. With that knowledge we can then expertly scope it and we then both agree on a project fixed fee. This way you get complete control certainty on your legal spend not the other way around. No surprise invoices.

Working with us means you get Unlimited Access. We don t charge you ever for calling us, meeting with us or emailing us. You can reach out to us as often as you want. We don t want to discourage communication from you because of your cost concerns. Instead we want to promote it and foster our working partnership with you. Unimpeded information flow from you means a better project outcome for your business. Unlike with traditional time-based billing law firms, you wont be invoiced for those communications that s a direct saving on your legal spend.

Our agreed fixed fee model means we Share the Risk with you and we re happy to share in that risk. Why? It means there is mutual trust and it means we are focussed on utilising our years of specialist IP skills and experience to achieve your project end goal by being efficient and effective. Do you want an invoice from a traditional law firm for inefficient time spent by a lawyer time which doesn t contribute to your objective? No. At the end of the day its is all about your IP team delivering the right results, in the right timeframe and in the right way for your business.

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About Actuate IP

Actuate IP was founded in 2002 and have assembled a team of specialist intellectual property lawyers and trade mark attorneys. Our team have come from top tier and specialist IP firms and have a proven track record of delivering commercially relevant results for our clients. Actuate IP is associated with Actuate Patents (patent attorneys) and Actuate Commercial Lawyers. Our innovative fixed fees only model means you have certainty on your legal spend and access to fairer fees. This project based approach means there is a shared and accountable focus on reaching the right outcome for your business.



Level 9, 500 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Level 11, 65 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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