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Jul 3 2018

Used cars for sale in South Africa from, second hand cars south africa.#Second #hand #cars #south #africa

Used cars for sale in South Africa

Grey 2015 Audi A6 2.0 Tfsi Multitronic

For R549,995

Red 2016 Audi Q3 2.0 TDI QUATT STRONIC (130KW)

For R529,995

White 2015 Audi A6 3.0 TDi MULTITRONIC

For R679,995

Dark grey 2014 AUDI A3 1.4T FSI SE STRONIC

For R329,995

Grey 2016 Audi A3 1.6 TDI S STRONIC

For R349,995

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USED-CARS.CO.ZA Helps car buyers find the best vehicles to fit their lifestyles.


Buying a used car or bakkie from can save you money because any new car depreciates in value by as much as 40 percent within the first 12 to 18 months of its life. Rather than watching value of a new car decrease significantly in the first year, consider buying a used car or bakkie from A used car has the benefits of a lower purchase price with lower monthly payments, and in some cases the balance of the manufacturers’ factory warranties are still available. Consider the following:


One thing that has made used cars more appealing is their improved reliability. Rust and exhaust-system problems were common problems in used cars years ago, but that’s no longer the case, and major engine and transmission problems have also decreased, making late-model used vehicles far less of a risk to buy. Provided a car is properly maintained, today’s vehicles should easily surpass 100,000 kilometres without a major overhaul. .


With the most trusted inventory of used cars on the internet, is constantly striving to offer more used cars listings to help you find the used car of your dreams. We are a dealer to consumer used car website. We invite you to browse through over 10,000 listings with photos, prices and detailed vehicle information.


Although pre-owned cars are more reliable than ever, maintenance and repair costs are important considerations. In the first two or three years of a car’s life it has fewer problems and dependent on the kilometres covered could still be covered by a factory warranty. A used car that is a few years old is usually out of warranty or close to it. You can expect not only more problems as time goes on, but more costly ones as the years and kilometres increase.

One can reduce the risk on a used car from by taking out an extended warranty which is effectively an insurance policy in the event of major breakdowns. This also means the vehicle has to be serviced at prescribed intervals in order for the warranty to be honoured. In addition to this, as an owner will have to pay for services, including ‘wear & tear’ on parts like tires, brakes and replacement batteries. But even if you replaced all those things the moment you bought a used car, the savings over a new car would more than compensate. There is always the risk with whatever you buy. Even a car with a great reliability and a full service history can be a poor example, or has been abused, neglected, or damaged by the previous owner. You need to have the vehicle thoroughly inspected by a qualified mechanic, or better still, by the AA in order to protect yourself against nasty surprises. You don’t have to be a member of the AA to use their services. AA Members qualify for a 15% discount on Roadworthy Tests and Technical Inspections if they visit a DEKRA Centre and produce their AA Membership card. DEKRA has taken over the ownership and management of the formerly branded AA Test and Drive Centres and have now branded the centres “DEKRA in association with the AA”. The collaboration between the AA and DEKRA will ensure that the standards of vehicle safety in South Africa are world class. The DEKRA in association with the AA centres offer a range of professional vehicle examinations designed to help you identify vehicle flaws, and make an informed decision when purchasing a new or used car.


A major disadvantage of buying a new car is its rapid depreciation. Models typically lose close to 50 percent of their value in the first three years, compared with 24 percent over the next three. But this varies greatly among models. Several factors determine depreciation, including the model’s popularity, perceived quality, supply, and whether or not the vehicle belongs to the current design generation.

You’ll typically pay a bit less to insure a used vehicle than a new version of the same model

Buying a used car means you might not get the very latest safety features. Features such as electronic stability control (ESC), head-protecting curtain air bags, and advanced frontal air bag systems are hard to find on older vehicles. But safety features such as anti-lock brakes, traction control, and side air bags have been commonplace for a number of years now.


You have to be realistic before you decide on your dream car. You might be dreaming of a new model that has caught your eye or of new features that will make your driving more pleasurable. And the first step in buying a new car should be to know what price range you can afford. To do this, you need two pieces of information:

A down payment or deposit. How much can you afford with your old car as a trade-in, or both?

What is the maximum car payment you can afford every month? Before looking searching for a used cars on decide what your monthly budget can afford. A good rule of the thumb is that total monthly car repayments shouldn’t exceed 20% of your salary (after tax). While it may be possible to obtain a loan that requires a minimal down payment/deposit (such as 10 percent), it is best to put down as much as you can afford-preferably at least 20 percent-to minimise your overall cost for the loan. A higher down payment reduces the amount of money you need to borrow, which lowers your monthly payments and reduces the amount of interest you’ll pay overall. A down payment doesn’t have to be all cash. If you already have a car, any trade-in allowance the dealer gives you for it can be credited toward your down payment. Or you can sell it yourself, which will typically get you more money than trading it in. But you may need to do it before you buy your car.

It would be to your overall advantage to contact you bank for a ‘pre-approved loan’. With pre-approval you can search for a used car on with confidence.


Your needs may vary dramatically, but consider the following important factors:

  • Take the time to have a look at other car brands besides the car brand you are driving. It’s possible another brand might provide similar/same features and better suit your financial or family needs.
  • The value of used cars are based on their condition, kilometres travelled, their popularity and availability.
  • Certain used cars are extremely popular and are sold almost immediately and sometimes at a premium price.
  • Good used cars are readily available offering a wide choice and closely meet your needs.
  • Visit and prepare a short-list of cars you could buy.
  • In your research process also find news and articles on the brand or models that interest you.
  • Also compare new car prices with your used car selection by visiting our New Car Section.
  • From your short-list, complete the enquiry and arrange ‘test drives’.
  • If buying from a private seller be extra vigilant and ensure that you meet the seller in a safe location.

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