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Jun 21 2018

Wireless Broadband and VoIP Services

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Business Broadband Residential Broadband VoIP Services

The Point to Point Difference

DirectLink provides fixed wireless broadband service that breaks the landline barrier with proven wireless digital radio frequency technology. No longer will your data have to go through slow landline routing procedures to get to the Internet. With DirectLink your information is instantly transmitted straight from your home or office to our high speed Internet backbone.

Get Started “Thank you for the wonderful service. I have been extremely pleased with the service provided and the customer service you have provided.” Tracy Elbert. Denver, CO Success Stories

Support & Help

If you encounter a problem using services provided by DirectLink or if you have questions and concerns, please use one of the following methods to contact our technical team.

Technical Support

Call our technical support staff answer your questions.

  • Online Support

    Fill out an online support form with your detailed problems.

  • FAQ s

    Get answers to frequently asked questions here.

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